Retreat Seminar Weekend | Simply Do: Mental Strength

24 - 26 NOVEMBER 2023

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Mostly without noticing it, it has become a basic principle for many people to live and work at the limit. Man or woman "works", is "in the flow", "it runs"...
But then, usually much too late, we realize that our battery is almost empty.

How about recognizing individual stress motives and triggers at an early stage so that it doesn't even have to get that far? Wouldn't it be great to counteract mental and physical exhaustion with strategies and rituals? In time?!

This retreat seminar weekend is for all those who want to discover their resources in a pragmatic way and reflect on themselves and the topic of stress, in a relaxing atmosphere. With competent accompaniment and sound guidance, in the group and individually, strategies against stress that are suitable for everyday life can be developed from this.

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